Addressing Climate Change

Climate change is a common challenge facing mankind in the 21st century. Yatsen is concerned about the impact of climate change on business operations, and is committed to effectively identifying and addressing climate change risks, actively improving its own.

Green Products to Manage Product Carbon Footprint

Yatsen is concerned about the carbon emissions from its products and gradually conducts carbon footprint assessment on its products, aiming to figure out the carbon emissions from its products in the processes of raw material production, manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal through carbon footprint assessment, identify the emission reduction potential of its products at each stage from "cradle-to-grave", and reduce the carbon footprint of its products and hence the impact of its products on the ecological environment through energy-saving and emission reduction measures in the future.


· Completed the carbon footprint verification of Perfect Diary Stiletto Lipstick products

· Joined Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

· 95% of Abby's Choice products applied environmentally friendly paper certified by Forest Stewardship Concil ("FSC")

· The packaging of EVE LOM products are 100%[1] recyclable

· Packaging for selected Eve Lom products[2] are 100% biodegradable 

· 100% Galénic products[3] were printed with eco-friendly paper and green soy ink certified by FSC.




[1] Marked with The Green Dot logo and can be 100% recycled in the UK

[2] Refers to the capsule packaging of EVE LOM Cleansing Oil Capsules, the capsule packaging of Age Defying Smoothing Treatment, and the cotton pads of Rescue Peel Pads

[3] Refers to Galénic “N° 1” Poudre Vitamine C, the gift box and the print inside the gift box

Green Procurement to Use Sustainable Raw Materials

With an emphasis on sustainability of raw materials, Yatsen actively promotes the procurement of green products, and, together with enterprises upstream and downstream the industry chain, jointly promotes the establishment of a responsible supply chain to fulfill social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

Green Packaging to Minimize Scrap of Packaging Materials

Yatsen, acting in compliance with the laws and regulations of China and other countries on product packaging, takes into account the compliance, safety and environmental protection characteristics of packaging materials in the design and development of packaging materials in order to minimize packaging materials by virtue of green, lightweight and recyclable packaging and other measures, provided that product quality is guaranteed.

Green Operation to Carry on Business in an More Environment-friendly Manner

To respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, Yatsen manages energy use and emissions in the course of its operation and development under the concept of green development, and it works with its suppliers and employees to actively explore and implement environmental improvement measures to mitigate the impact of production and operation on the environment.

Rules and Regulations