Yatsen Global: Please call me “Unicorn” from today

In the Guangzhou “Unicorn” innovative enterprise event, Guangzhou Yatsen Global Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yatsen Global) along with 13 other enterprises has been awarded as the 2019 Guangzhou “Unicorn” innovative enterprises, among which stands the Yasten Global as the only e-commerce one.

In 2019, the list of “Unicorn” innovative companies discovered in Guangzhou was announced.

Yatsen Global was selected as the 2019 Guangzhou “Unicorn” Innovative Enterprise List.

The event was guided by Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, co-hosted by Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Association and “Fast Company”, co-organized by Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., and provided intellectual support by PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhongtian Certified Public Accountants.

It is reported that this event aimed to tap innovative companies with strong creativity rapid growth and great development potential in Guangzhou, covering big data, cloud computing, information technology, Internet of Things, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, smart hardware, new material, advanced manufacture and other strategic start-ups. According to scale and characteristics, it is divided into three sub-lists: “Unicorn”, “Future Unicorn”, and “High-precision” innovative enterprises. Among them, the “Unicorn” innovative companies list is mainly for the collection of innovative companies that have been established for less than 10 years, have obtained private equity investment But not been listed, with a market valuation of more than US$1 billion, which follows the international standards.

Figures shows that the number of unicorn companies in Guangzhou have hit record highs n 2019. In 2016, influential Unicorn List of the Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Research Institute in China shows there were 2 companies in Guangzhou, which was relatively small compared with other cities. In order to excavate and cultivate Guangzhou unicorns, Guangzhou government launched a unicorn solicitation in 2017, and a total of 7 companies made the list of unicorns; in 2018, 9 companies made the list; this year, there are 13 companies on the list, which reached a record high and formed a positive trend of growth.

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Yatsen Global always takes “becoming an explorer and leader of New retail of cosmetics in China” as vision, hoping to pass on the importance and pursuit of “beauty” to more people’s lives, and encourage everyone to appreciate and pursue beauty. It is a milestone growth node for Yatsen Global to be selected into the list of Guangzhou “Unicorn” innovative companies in 2019. As an Internet company that started business in Guangzhou and grew up locally, Yatsen Global will continue to take root in Guangzhou, look to the world, accelerate development, and build regionally representative company in Guangzhou.

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