Surpassing Europe and the United States for the first time, Perfect Diary won Tmall Double 11 sales champion!

Double Eleven 2019 has just come to an end.

On Double Eleven this year, Perfect Diary, the brand of Yatsen, handed over a transcript of breaking new history.

Just after the opening of Singles Day,  in just 28 minutes, the sales of Perfect Diary exceeded the all-day sales of Double Eleven in 2018, becoming the first cosmetics brand on Tmall with sales of over 100 million yuan.

Tmall Double Eleven all-day data shows that Perfect Diary has become the No. 1 cosmetics sales ranking on Tmall. This is the first domestic brand topping the Tmall Double Eleven cosmetics ranking list, achieving a historic breakthrough in the Chinese cosmetics industry!

Previously, in the first ten years since the establishment of Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Festival, the top spot of Tmall cosmetics sales list has been occupied by European and American brands. It is the first time for a domestic brand ranking on the No.1 on Tmall cosmetics sales list on the 11th Double Eleven this year. This honor belongs to perfect diary,and symbolizes a strong signal of the rise of domestic cosmetics.

Tmall all-day data on Double Eleven shopping festival shows that Perfect Diary has also set several firsts: No. 1 in sales of eye shadow category; No. 1 in sales of lip glaze category; No. 1 in sales of mascara category; No. 1 in sales of eyeliner category.

The transcript, which has achieved a historic breakthrough, cannot be achieved without the strong support of the vast number of consumers, partners and all employees of Perfect Diary. On the same day, at the Yatsen Global office, the employees warmly and patiently received online consumers from all over the country and even overseas; in the Yatsen Global  self-operated warehouse, the employees sorted and packaged carefully, and quickly sent out pieces of high-quality products.

The founder team of Yatsen Global said that the starting point and goal of Perfect Diary is to create value for users, and we want to be a brand that stands with consumers.

With this original intention of creating value for users, Yatsen Global’s brand Perfect Diary will continue to provide consumers with more high-quality, well-designed and easy-to-use beauty products.

Next time, what amazing report card will Perfect Diary produce? Stay tuned.

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