Perfect Diary's new retail speed up, 200 stores goal reached ahead of schedule

The 200th store of Perfect Diary officially opened in Futian, Shenzhen, on September 28. From the opening of the first store in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza to the completion of the 200th store, Perfect Diary only took 20 months and it has stepped foot in the first-tier to fifth-tier cities in China. 

With full power, Perfect Diary’s 200th store opens in Shenzhen

On September 28, Perfect Diary’s 200th new retail store, Shenzhen Futian Galaxy COCO Park Experience Store, officially opened. Yatsen specially invited fan representatives to attend the opening ceremony and witness the critical moment of Perfect Diary’s new retail approaching 200 stores.

Perfect Diary’s 200th store opening ceremony

The store has a total area of 143 square meters, including a display area, experience area, check-in area, storage area, etc. Unlike the previous Perfect Diary stores, the store incorporates the art of light and shadow, creating a unique trend experience, and the cool space design brings an avant-garde fashion sense of technology. What remains unchanged is the brand concept of “beauty is unlimited and within reach,” and continues to devote itself to creating a free and unrestrained fashion beauty experience space for consumers.

Store BA attentively serving customers

The opening of the first Perfect Diary store symbolizes its footprint from online to offline business. It is approaching consumers in a new retail omnichannel way and building a brand in all directions.

Feng Qiyao, CEO of Yatsen New Retail, said: “Although we were affected by the epidemic, we only opened our first store after the Spring Festival in April this year, but to reach consumers as quickly as possible, our new retail team has accelerated its pace. After completing the goal of opening 100 stores on June 28 this year.” Now, Perfect Diary’s new retail layout has covered nearly 90 cities across the country.

Celebrating the “Double Festival,” the new Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 11 Rabbit made its debut

With the rapid development of the new retail sector, Perfect Diary continues to iterate its products and enhance its product capabilities to better meet the new generation of consumers’ needs. This year coincides with the New Year of Aerospace, and on the same day as the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Perfect Diary has joined hands with China Aerospace to launch a blockbuster new product-the second-generation animal eye-shadow “Eyeshadow Palette 11 Rabbit,” which debuted offline on the day the 200th store opened. The new product cleverly combines aerospace with fashion beauty, creatively interprets Chinese aerospace culture, and explores the boundary between imagination and beauty. It is bound to trigger a new wave of interest in aerospace technology among Gen Z consumers.

Celebrity endorsement

The “Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 11 Rabbit” is inspired by the “Jade Rabbit” in the story of the Chinese myth “Chang’e Flying to the Moon,” with the theme of “Searching for Color Universe”, combining ancient mythology with modern technology, supplemented by the avant-garde elements of universe technology, following Jade Rabbit travels through the vast universe, capturing the colors of various galaxies in the universe. On the cover of the eyeshadow palette, the jade rabbit’s image is technologically presented, the lower left of the cover is the jade rabbit lunar rover, and the upper right is the lunar probe. In terms of material, the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 11 Rabbit discarded the paper packaging of the first generation of animal eyeshadow and used piano baking paint to create a sense of the future.

New products attract fans to stop and buy

On the other hand, to unlock the new retail gameplay of cosmetics and create an immersive consumer experience, Perfect Diary also exhibited the #寻色宇宙# (coloring-seeking universe) flashing space station simultaneously in the COCO Park Star Plaza, where the 200th store of Perfect Diary is located. The pop-up store takes the starry sky and universe as the theme. There is a sizeable technological jade rabbit at the entrance. The interior is divided into the product display area, star wish interactive area, moon display area, and brand display area. The main entrance adopts a metal door frame shape as a whole, and a giant moon is displayed in the center of the interior. Using AI light and interactive shadow equipment, consumers can write wishes on the designated area. On the day of the event, many consumers came to try out and take pictures.

With the mission of “creating a new journey to explore beauty for women all over the world”, Yatsen hopes to link online and offline to create a free and unrestrained beauty experience store. At the same time, it will continue to innovate product gameplay and concepts to bring diversification to consumers, Unlimited makeup products, encourage everyone to explore and pursue beauty, and pass more diversified “beauty” to more people.

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