Yatsen Enters into Strategic Collaboration with Sensient Technologies

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. [29], 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Yatsen Holding Limited (“Yatsen” or the “Company”) (NYSE: YSG), a leader in the rapidly evolving China beauty market, announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Sensient Technologies Corporation (“Sensient”) to jointly establish Innovative Color Laboratories with operations in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore.

Chinese beauty company Yatsen acquires iconic skincare brand GALENIC from French group Pierre Fabre

Guangzhou (China), Castres (France); October 30, 2020 – Chinese beauty company Yatsen has acquired GALENIC, an iconic skincare brand, after reaching an acquisition agreement with French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group Pierre Fabre. The take-over will be effective on November 1st, 2020.

A hundred cities goal achieved! Perfect Diary New Retail Ushers in a New Milestone

Achieving the 200-store goal at the end of September, Perfect Diary New Retail has again reached a "small goal" a few days ago-- entering 100 cities. On October 30th, Perfect Diary opened the last three experience stores in Wuyue Huainan, Anhui, Xiaogan Baoli, Hubei, and Guiyang Hunter City Plaza, Guizhou before hitting the 100th. So far, the new retail layout of Perfect Diary has covered 100 cities across the country.

Perfect Diary's new retail speed up, 200 stores goal reached ahead of schedule

Since the launch of the new retail strategy in January 2019, Perfect Diary, a brand of Yatsen global, has braved the wind and waves. On September 28, the 200th store of Perfect Diary officially opened in Futian, Shenzhen. From the opening of the first store in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza to the completion of the 200th store, Perfect Diary only took 20 months, and it has been in the first to fifth tier cities in China.

Yatsen Global officially announces its new brand Abby’s Choice, stepping into the new era of the development of Multi-brand group

In the context of the continued heating up of the beauty consumer market, Yatsen global, the parent company of Internet + beauty unicorn and Perfect Diary, born in Guangzhou, has made new moves. On June 8, Yatsen Global officially released its new strategic brand--Abby's Choice, targeting young college students and white-collar women aged 18-28. The product line covers skin care, makeup, personal care and beauty equipment, etc. .

Yatsen Global: Please call me “Unicorn” from today

Recently, the Guangzhou "Unicorn" innovative enterprise event announced the latest results, and 13 companies including Guangzhou Yatsen Global Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yatsen Global) were selected as the 2019 Guangzhou "Unicorn" innovative enterprise list. Among the unicorn companies in Guangzhou this year, Yatsen Global is the only e-commerce unicorn.

The parent company of Perfect Diary sets up a new retail headquarters in Fengxian, Shanghai

In the past Double Twelve, Perfect Diary, a brand of Yatsen Global, became the sales champion of cosmetics category of "1212 Tmall Year-end Celebration". So far, Perfect Diary has won the Tmall Domestic Makeup Grand Slam, becoming the first domestic make-up brand to win the Tmall 2019 annual promotion. With online and offline linkage, Yatsen Global’s new retail exploration has also been successful. More than 30 offline experience stores have been opened across the country, which are deeply loved by consumers everywhere.

Surpassing Europe and the United States for the first time, Perfect Diary won Tmall Double 11 sales champion!

Double Eleven 2019 has just come to an end. On Double Eleven this year, Perfect Diary, a brand of Yatsen Global, handed over a transcript of breaking new history. Double Eleven was just unveiled, and in just 28 minutes, Perfect Diary’s sales exceeded the full-day sales of Double Eleven in 2018, becoming the first cosmetics brand on Tmall with sales exceeding 100 million yuan.

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