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China has more than 400 million people who make-up,the number of which is equivalent to 8 times of South Korea, 7 times of the United Kingdom, 6 times of France, 3 times of Japan, and 1.5 times of the United States. However, on the global beauty stage, it is rare to see a brand from China. This is not only about number, but also the common sorrow of three co-founders after having studied abroad and worked in the fashion industry. They also found that there is no shortage of beauty lovers in China, but they are often deterred by social stereotypes and material limitations. In 2017, Perfect Diary was founded to break through the shackles of beauty. The founding team is determined to create a new fashion cosmetic brand that belongs to China and devote themselves to provide "high-quality, creative, and surprising" cosmetic products that help everyone become beautiful easily.

Unlimited Beauty


Perfect Diary believe that, If any desire for beauty could be valued, The world will be a better place.


To provide everyone with a beauty experience that is within reach and beyond expectations.

Xun Zhou

Perfect Diary Brand Global Ambassador


Perfect Diary Colour Ambassador


Perfect Diary Lip-makeup Ambassador

Troye Sivan

Perfect Diary Brand Ambassador


Perfect Diary Silky Featherweight Ambassador


Perfect Diary Inspiration Ambassador

Grand Achievements

In December 2018, it ranked first on the Tmall makeup sales list for the first time

In 2019, Perfect Diary won the championship of Tmall’s annual promotion of makeup.And During Double 11 promotion, Perfect Diary had been the first Chinese brand ever to win the championship in beauty category.

In April 2020,Perfect Diary became the first domestic cosmetics brand to appear on Tmall super brand day.

Creative Cross-over

In September 2020, Perfect Diary collaborated with the China Aerospace and space creation and launched a new series of Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette — Jade Rabbit.

In October 2019,Perfect Diary × Chinese National Geography launched 16 shades eye shadow palette.

In August 2019,Perfect Diary invited international renowned director い わ い し ゅ ん じ , to create the floating light series “daydream” together.

In May 2019,Perfect Diary collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and lauched the Little Gold Diamond Lipstick.

In March 2019, Perfect Diary X Discovery launched the twelve color animal eye shadow palette.

In October 2018,Perfect Diary collaborated with the British Museum and launched 16 shades eye shadow palette.

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