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GALENIC, premium cosmeceutical skincare brand from France, one of the modern scientific skincare leader, was founded in 1978 by Pierre Fabre in Paris, and joined YATSEN in 2020. The full collections of Galenic product, which heritage the spirits of Made in France and French DNA, as well as combine the skincare concerns of Asian people, will be jointly developed and manufactured by YATSEN and Pierre Fabre. Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmetics Laboratory is one of the largest dermatology and skin care group in Europe, with renowned capability of research & innovation.

Elegance Powered by Science

From the Daily Skincare Line to Cosmeceutical Line

each GALENIC formulation will breakthrough the boundary of science and provide the premium, elegant, exceptional French skincare experience. Beauty shoudn’t be a territory of promises, but that of science, beauty should be created and guardian by imagination and research & innovation.

Elegance Powered by Science

From Ancient Times Medical Alchemy to The Most Advanced Beauty Formula

Pierre Fabre’s new vision of cosmetics is inspired by Galen, the private doctor to a Roman emperor, who elaborated one of the first medical science called the “galenique”. GALENIC Paris was then created in 1978. Inspired by “galenique” spirits, Pierre Fabre develops the art of exceptional formula, provides beauty product with exceptional formula, leads the development of modern advanced skincare, awakes the truth beauty and elegance of women.

Botanist + Pharmaceutical Scientist = The creator of the science of formulation

Pierre Fabre transports the principles of this well-kept medical alchemy to beauty, to create the science of formulation. Both a botanist – his conservatory garden listing over a thousand living medicainal plants – and a pharmaceutical scientist enamored with French elegance. He develops further Galen’s legacy by adding a multisensory dimension which connects touch, sight and smell. For him, perfect skincare should produce visible results on skin, elegant experience, and make its user happier.

GALENIC Master Formulators, Guardians of Formulation Science.

For every single GALENIC product, crafted by master formulators for more than 2 years.

Unique GALENIC Structure

Compared to traditional formula, every single GALENIC formula is exclusively tailor-made, which requires the immagination and authencity of the master formulators and the commitment to develop the innovative new formula.

Authentic Ingredients Selection

Selection from 2,000 raw materials and study the characteristic of each single ingredients. To considerate thoughfully the effectiveness and safety before include into our Galenic formulation.

Precise Exceptional Formula

Thoughtfulness in each step of new unique formula creation, especially a precise dosage of each ingredient, determinging the efficacy and harmony of formula. It takes years of master formulator's experience to develop the necessary precision and knowledge of active ingredients and their assimilation.

Safe Scientific Testing

Hundreds of tests are conducted in order to find the best formulation ratios and perfect texture for the ideal finished product. To reveal the full power of the active ingredients, while providing the reamrkable sensory appeals.

Hero Product:Snow Alage Collection for Anti-aging Secret D'Excellence The Cream, Secret D'Excellence The Concentrated Serum

Snow Alage originated from Norway Spitsbergen Glacier to enhance the expression of Klotho Gene +365%.

Master formulation:

– Snow Algae: the exceptional active ingredient that reboots aging cells* with its “reverse-aging” action
– Hyaluronic Acid: helps store water at the skin surface, hydrates and plumps the skin
– Vitamin B3: evens out the complexion and refines skin texture**
– Shea Butter: intensely hydrates the skin, leaving it plump and soft to touch

GALENIC unique Cristal Fusion™ structure to maintain the freshness and efficacy of Snow Algae.


From Ancient Times Medical Alchemy to The Most Advanced Beauty Formula

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