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The story of Abby's Choice starts in 2018.We committed to exploring a pleasant way to becoming beautiful and encouraging everyone to get physical and mental comfort, relaxation and happiness on the journey to beauty, and witness the transformation of beauty from the inside out. The pursuit of beauty is our driving force for continuous exploration. We insist on listening the demands from our users, so that everyone's voice can be heard, and everyone's beauty can be realized. We committed to creating products which fit users' skin, exploring it with great concentration, focusing on research and study, to help everyone enjoy the pleasant moment of skin.


Abby's Choice is a brand founded in 2018. After conducting a large number of user surveys and researches, it found that different users have different demands for beauty due to different lifestyle, skin types and personalities.

We listen to the real needs from users,do professionally researches and develop a series of products, and explore beauty solutions with users. In order to meet more needs of becoming more beautiful, we decided to formally establish the brand, which category has covered skin care, makeup and personal care. In order to represent the brand’s original heart of insisting to listen to the users’ needs of beauty, we named after the team's first senior beauty consultant Abby, so the brand English name is Abby's Choice, At present, We have launched Ceramide Repairing Series and Co-branded series with Toby , the well-known cartoon characters.


Enjoy the Pleasant Moment

Everyone is born longing for beauty.Abby’s Choice,‘From the user, to the user’,respecting everyone’s pursuit of beauty.Different “I” = different “beauty”.We continue to explore the balance between excellent efficacy and pleasant skin feelings,unlock new answers to skin questions,Efficient and gentle,to make everyone enjoy the pleasant moment.


Pleasing the Skin

Perceive the skin Enjoy the journey of beauty

Pleasing the Appearance

Safety ingredients,sophisticated technology Witness the beauty transformation

Pleasing Yourself

Change from the inside out Make yourself unique and brand new

Yibo Wang

The first spokesperson of the brand. The face mask spokesperson of Abby's Choice.


  • Ceramide Repairing Series
    For fragile skin, it can daily repair and moisturize, to reconstruct moist and tender skin.
  • Abby’s Choice X Toby Series
    We launched tone-up cream, facial mask and other products jointly with the well-known cartoon image Toby family, bringing infinite power of loveliness, warmth and healing.
  • Centella Asiatica Reviving Series
    For dry and damaged skin, it can rejuvenate centella asiatica to restore facial power and rebuild healthy skin.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid Revitalizing Series
    For oily skin,it can regulate cutin metabolism, leading to soft and tender skin.
  • Glacial Water Hydrating Series
    For dry and rough skin, it can be reviving with glacial water and let skin bloom bright.
  • Ceylon Holiday Tea Time Series
    It is inspired by The British afternoon tea. With its practical color combination, it can put on elegant and delicate makeup.

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